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    Beijinfg Stone Technology Co.,Ltd will attend 2016 HK Spring Electronics Fair.And we will wait our customers respectfully at Convention Plaza,1Harbour Road,Wanchai,HK from April 13th to 16th.buy medical supplies
    Our company is a large company focuses on the cutting-edge technology with improved technology and completed qualification.We look at the development and innovation of the new technologies field in this century and provide high-tech products for our customers faithfully.We focus highly on HMI(TFT Serial LCD Module) and Industrial PC researching ,manufacturing and sales.Especially in reliability-emphasized industry fields,which include engineering machinery ,medical instruments as well as high-level civilian goods.
    Our TFT LCD Module succeeds tremendously.And we have the superiority of simplified Micro-MCU programming and UART interface.
    Our Indusrial PC is widely used in the industrial automation-ADN industrial automatic equipments,with the Windows CE preloaded,it has the quite ability of Maneuverability.
    National Instruments,State Grid Corporation,Siemens are all our partners.
    Instrument,home control,pv,beauty instrument,oscilloscope,dashboard,boiler,etc. are all the applicable scope of the products of our company.
    "Professional,Creditable and Successful"is our eternal pursuit.With the trend of globalization,we sincerely hope that we can spread broad and deep corporation with our customers,ascend Chinese manufacture to a new height and benefit the people around the world.
    Technology makes life better.